[29 May 2012] Syria must curb armed gangs with iron fist - English

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[29 May 2012] 'Syria must curb armed gangs with iron fist' - English Pressure is mounting on Syria as a number of countries including European states are expelling Syrian ambassadors and diplomats. France, Britain, Spain, Germany, and Italy say the expulsions are in response to the Friday massacre of civilians in Houla. Canada and Australia are doing the same. British foreign secretary William Hague says the US will also take similar action. This is the latest form of pressure by Western states and their allies on the Syrian government that blame Damascus for killing civilians since unrest erupted in Syria over a year ago. Britain says the pressure will increase. Press TV has conducted an interview with Haitham Alsibahie, from the Syrian Social Club in London, to further talk over the issue.

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