Ishq sy paida Nawa e Zindagi main....- Allama Iqbal Poetry - Urdu

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In philosophy of Iqbal Divine Love has very considerable and meaningful place. It is love that awakens ecstasy in the lifeless and the dead. love spread in each and every fiber of man body just like morning breeze that spread in branches of flowers. If Man does not recognize his Lord he becomes salve of kings. However, kings will devotee themselves to you if you admit yourself in front of Allah( provider) Freedom of heart from materialistic and worldly things is royalty and nobility for Man. On other side if your heart is slave of worldly life then it's death for Man. I have told you the ways, now it's up to you wathier you choose kingdom or death. Oh Muslim, travel within yourself and ask the heart, that why don't you find the reall Man of God (Momin) today?.... Because hearts are empty from divine Love and eyes are not pure. Found any mistake in explanation? please feel free to get back to me.

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