[15 May 2012] Gaza marks Nakba Day - English

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Refugees in the Gaza Strip which is home to the largest Palestinian refugee population in the Middle East held a rally to mark the Nakba Day. The day of catastrophe or Nakba marks the expulsions of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees of their homes prior to the creation of Israel on their lands in 1948. They were displaced from Palestine and lost their land and property. Six decades down the road, Palestinian refugees are scattered in camps in the West bank and Gaza Strip, or in neighboring countries like Jordan, Syria, Lebanon or elsewhere, but they are still holding fast to their Palestinian identity and right of return. In December of 1948, the UN General Assembly resolution 194 called for the return of all Palestinian refugee’s to their homeland. Israel refused to implement the resolution and instead legislated in 1950 The Law of Return that gives all Jews around the world the right to emigrate to and settle in Israel. Israel, which was violently created on occupied Palestinian lands in May 1948, has continued to fight and suppress the Palestinian culture and identity. Representatives of Palestinian refugees met with the United Nations representative in Gaza demanding the implementation of the UN resolutions concerning refugees’ right of return. Annual rallies such as this one unite Palestinians as they struggle with six decades of suffering. Sixty four years on, Palestinian refugees say they will never give up their right of return to the land of their ancestors. Ashraf Shannon, Press TV, Gaza.

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