[23 Oct 2013] Italy Mexico & France outraged by NSA snooping - English

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23   Oct   2013   Italy   Mexico   And   France   outraged   by   NSA   snooping   PTV   Presstv   English   The   latest   victim   of   Washington   spying   scandal   is   Italy   Reports   say   America   spying   agency   snooped   on   everyday  

The latest victim of Washington\'s spying scandal is Italy. Reports say America\'s spying agency snooped on everyday communications of Italians since 2010. The Italian spy watchdog called COPA-SIR recently learned that Italians too were under large scale monitoring by the US. Several Italian MPs have gone to Washington over the recent revelations. This comes as Mexican President Peno Nieto orders a probe into claims that the U-S spying agency hacked his and former President Felipe Calderon\'s emails. The allegations that Calderon was spied on from May 2010 were reported by German newspaper Der-Spiegel. The row coincides with reports that the NSA monitored millions of phone calls in France. The French government has called on the US to stop snooping on its citizens.

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