Ep 11 - Passion for Flight - Shaheed Abbas Babaie - Shoghe Parvaz - شوق پرواز - Farsi sub English

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Shoghe Parvaz - Passion for flight is an Persian (Farsi) Serial based on the life of Shaheed (Martyr) Abbas Babaie. Martyr Abbas Babaiue was born in 1958 in the Iranian city of Qazvin in a middle and religious family. From his childhood, he was possessing extraordinary characteristics. He used to meet the people with love and possibly helped them and he continued this behavior until he breathed his last. After graduation, he qualified the entrance test in the Medical College, but in order to follow his dream career, he got admission in Iran Air Force Academy. After completion of his initial training, he left for USA for higher studies in the Air Force in 1970. What distinguished him from others in USA was his sustenance of religious morality and excellence in education, away from his home in a morally corrupt society of western world. In 1972, he returned to his own country, Iran obtaining his pilot degree certificate. On June 26 1975, he entered into matrimonial relationship with his maternal cousin Sidiqeh (Maliheh) Hekmat and Allah bestowed him one daughter and two sons. After the Islamic Revolution of Iran, at the beginning of the Iran Iraq war, Abbas Babaie prepared himself to serve and safeguard Islam and the revolution. He got the position of Lt Colonel on 31st July 1981 by virtue of his perpetual endeavors and unparalleled efforts, and accordingly he was entrusted the headship of Isfahan Air Base. The Iran Air Force wing became strong and stable due to his power of creativity and military expertise. Despite holding the position of Commander, He himself used to take part in air strikes. It was due to these efficiency and sincere efforts that he achieved the rank of Brigadier Colonel in 1987. But the status, name and frame least disturbed his personality as simplicity and sincerity had become part and parcel of his nature. He laid down his life in the way of Allah on 6th August, 1987 on the of "Eid uz Zoha". Allah bestowed him with the gift of martyrdom as a result of his sacrifices.

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