Iraqi SHIA SUNNI unite to rebuild Al Askariya Shrine - 09Aug09 - English

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Al ‘Askarī Mosque or the ‘Askariyya Mosque/Shrine (Arabic: مرقد الامامين علي الهادي والحسن العسكري‎ Marqad al-Imāmayn ‘Alī l-Hādī wa l-Ħassan al-‘Askarī) is a Shī‘ah Muslim holy site located in the Iraqi city of Sāmarrā 125 km (78 mi) from Baghdad. It is one of the most important Shī‘ah mosques in the world, built in 944.[1] Its dome was destroyed in a bombing by terrorists in February 2006 and its two remaining minarets were destroyed in another bombing in June 2007, causing widespread anger amongst Muslims. The remaining clock tower was also destroyed in July 2007. The remains of the 10th and 11th Shī‘ah Imāms, ‘Alī al-Hādī ("an-Naqī") and his son Hasan al-‘Askarī, known as: al-‘Askariyyain ("the two ‘Askarīs"), rest at the shrine[2]. Also buried within the Mosque are: Hakimah Khātūn, sister of ‘Alī al-Hādī; and Narjis Khātūn, the mother of Muħammad al-Mahdī[3]. Adjacent to this shrine is another mosque, built over the location where the Twelfth or "Hidden" Imām, Muħammad al-Mahdī first entered the Minor Occultation. The ‘Askariyya Shrine is also known as the "Tomb or Mausoleum of the Two Imāms", "the Tomb of Imāms ‘Alī al-Hādī and Hasan al-‘Askarī" and "al-Hadhratu l-‘Askariyya". CLAIMS OF SECTARIAN VIOLENCE ARE ABSURD AS THE TWO MAJOR SECTS OF ISLAM, SHIA & SUNNI HAVE RESPECTED EACH OTHERS HOLY FIGURES FOR A LONG TIME. THESE SORTS OF INCIDENCES STARTED AFTER FOREIGN TROOPS ILLEGALY OCCUPIES IRAQ IN 2002 UNDER THE PRETEXT OF HAVING THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION AND THEN LATER THE CRUEL DICTATOR SADDAM. OCCUPYING TROOPS ARE STILL IN IRAQ CAUSING THE DISTRESS AND FEAR AMONG THE GENERAL PUBLIC. NOW SHIAS AND SUNNIS ARE UNITING TO EXPELL THE INVADERS FROM THEIR HOMELAND.

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