Salutations O\' Messenger of Allah | Nasheed | Arabic Sub English

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Congratulations to the believers all across the world upon the birth of the Messenger of Allah, the holy Prophet Muhammad (S) and Imam Sadiq (A). And likewise, congratulations to the believers across the world on the auspicious week of Unity Week. What better way to celebrate Muslim unity than to gather around the blessed being of the Messenger of Allah and sing a Nasheed in his praise and as an ode to his esteemed personality. \"As long the Messenger of Allah is our role model, and the religion Allah is our path; let them gather their forces and attack.\" \"Allah - the Mighty, the Exalted - has always aided us with victories and the Messenger of Allah is our helping hand.\" \"The one whose religion is Islam, can never be enslaved.\" Our dear esteemed Yemeni brothers sing a beautiful and brave Nasheed that will make any true Muslim proud. Labbayka Ya Rasulallah!

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