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A dangerously delicious finger licking chicken nihari that is really easy and tasty! Ing: 1 Chicken cut in 8 pieces 1 large onion Julienned 1 tbsp ginger and garlic 1 tbsp nihari masala 1 fresh lime juiced 2 tbsp white flour 1/2 cup water salt to taste fresh ginger Julienned for garnishing 1/4 cup canola oil (1/2 cup was a bit too much) Method: In a pot add the oil and fry the sliced onions till golden brown and set aside, next in the same oil add ginger and garlic, making sure you don\\\'t burn it, than add 1 tbsp of the Shan nihary masala and fry it in the oil, once it has released the flavors add the chicken and turn it so it is completely mixed with the spices, cover till the chicken is cooked. In the mean time mix the water with the flour and this will be our thickening agent for the curry, keep it aside. At this time prepare the cucumber pickle. While you are making the pickle keep an eye on the chicken turning it occasionally. Make sure not to over cook the chicken as doing this will make the chicken really tough and dry. Add the flour and water mixture in the curry and stir till it thickens up a bit. If you want more gravy add more water to it, if you want the nihary thick than don\\\'t add the extra water. Season it with salt per your taste and some fresh lime juice, do a taste test and make sure the taste is how you like it, lastly sprinkle the fried onions, fresh cilantro and ginger.. Enjoy! Cucumber pickle 1/2 a onion julianed thin 3 to 4 small baby pickles sliced thin 1 lime juiced 1 tbsp vinegar salt to taste Cayenne powder (optional) Method: Once you have cut the onions and cucumbers add the lime juice, vinegar, salt and marinate it for at least 20 min. Add the cayenne just before serving, if you want it really spicy you can add it when you add the vinegar.

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