Ayatollah Khamenei: Shia Against Sunni War is a US-ZIONIST Plot - آیات الله خامنه ای - English

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Down with the US Military-Industrial Complex and its war machine. Down with the apartheid Zionist military outpost of the US+Western Military-Industrial Complex in the occupied Palestine, established in 1948 through genocide, ethnic cleansing and mass expulsion of the non-Jewish native population (90-95% of total population in 1948) and their replacement with European settlers. Long Live the Islamic and democratic awakening of the Arab World against its corrupt US puppet regimes and against subjugation and domination by the US and its apartheid Zionist military outpost. Long Live the Islamic Republic of Iran and the unity of Muslim nations from Bosnia and Morocco to Indonesia and Central Asia. Do not be deceived by the US+Western Military-Industrial Complex attempting to mislead you to believe that apartheid Zionist military outpost in the occupied Palestine is a \\\"state.\\\" Just by importing poor and homeless European settlers into the occupied and ethnically-cleansed land and housing them in the perimeter areas of the apartheid Zionist military outpost does not convert the military outpost into a \\\"state.\\\" The Military-Industrial Complex opposes Iran ONLY on one basis: Iran\\\'s opposition to the establishment of the apartheid Zionist Military outpost by the Complex in occupied Palestinian territories in 1948 through ethnic cleansing, genocide, and mass expulsion. The Military-Industrial Complex supports and maintains the most reactionary and backward dictatorial puppet regimes in Saudia Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Morroco and Oman but it falsely calls Iran, a constitutional government with presidential term limits, a dictatorship. Do not be deceived by the Complex\\\'s illegitimate apartheid Zionist Military Outpost, disguised fictitiously to look like a \\\"state\\\" with the disguise provided by the imported European settlers, housed in around the perimeter areas of the outpost, to make it look like a viable state.

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