23 Sep 08-CNN Lari King live interview with Irani President Ahmadinejad Part 4-English

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In a recorded Tuesday interview with the renowned TV host, President Ahmadinejad said that Zionism blocks research on the Holocaust. “They (Zionists) don't allow anyone to freely discuss the historical events that happened. They just say this is our account of history, this is what happened and everybody else must just accept it,” said Ahmadinejad. Larry King then asked the president if, from his point of view, the Holocaust did not happen. “No, what I am saying is let more research be done," Ahmedinejad said. "There is a claim about the extent of the calamity. There are people who agree with it and people who disagree. Some totally deny and some completely agree with the whole given account. What we are saying is that an impartial group should be formed to conduct an independent study on the extent of the calamity.” On December 2005, Ahmadinejad made several comments about the Holocaust, criticizing European laws against research on the historical event. Following his remarks, Western politicians and media outlets launched extensive attacks against him, accusing him of anti-Semitism. However, during his interview with Larry King, Ahmedinejad denied this. "Iranians and have nothing against the Jewish people or their religion," Ahmedinejad said. Ahmedinejad differentiated between Zionism and Judaism saying that Zionists are not real Jews. "How can you be religious and kill women and children at the same time?” he argued. King also asked Ahmadinejad to confirm or deny whether he wanted to "wipe Israel off the map". Ahmedinejad replied saying that the Israeli regime would disappear in the same way as apartheid South Africa and the Soviet Union. “The solution that we are proposing is a humanitarian one. What we say is that a free referendum must be held in the Palestinian territories, allowing the Palestinian people to determine their own fate," Ahmadinejad said. Interview of President of Iran Ahmedi Nijad on CNN by Larry King on various political issues

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