Who Are Iranians? | A Nation of Resistance | Farsi Sub English

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Who is the Iranian nation? Do you even recognize this nation? Do you care to know who represents the Islamic Iran? Imam Khamenei speaks. A few hundred cowards, ill-informed, misguided, westoxified individuals come out on the streets every now and then and the zionist controlled \'mainstream media\' latch on to give them coverage and magnify these meaningless \"protests\". Do these low-lives represent the great Iranian nation? If you want to know who the representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran are, look at the massive turnouts that flood the streets of Iran every time the Islamic Resistance and the Islamic System needs support. For reference, check out Al-Quds Day rallies, 22 Bahman rallies, Shaheed Hojaji rallies, Shaheed Soleimani rallies. Shame on the treacherous western media to hide the real presence of the Iranians while it highlights those couple of hundred notorious elements paid by the CIA to create chaos in the country.

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