Love and Justice, Peace and Freedom: Imam Husayn (A) | IP Talk Show | English

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What does Islam mean? Can the creations of Allah, such as Imam Husayn (A), ever be fully comprehended? How does the Almighty Allah want His creatures to be managed? What is the innate connection between the continent of Africa and that which Imam Husayn (A) stood up for? And what was Imam Husayn (A) calling out for? What is the connection between Love and Justice? Finally, what are the effects of the Divine Spiritual Power vested in Allah\'s chosen people? To discuss these points and more, we invited Shaykh Abdul-Aziz from Nigeria, to speak with us on the auspicious occasion of the Wiladah of Imam Husayn (A). Congratulations to the believers across the world on this great Eid, the blessed birth anniversary of Imam Husayn ibne Ali (A); the emblem of \"Love, Justice, Peace, and Freedom\". #IslamicPulse #IPTalkShow #Allah #Islam #Wiladah #Birth #ImamHusayn #3Shaban #Love #Justice #Peace #Freedom

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