[Learning] This is How a Leader Speaks !!! - Iranian President vs. Musharraf - English

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"Business of a Great Leader Resemble in his Answers when he Speaks" starring a coward man named Musharraf, who 1st degrades his own country when asked a question portraying Pakistan as a country of barbarians and animals where things happen in probably an animalistic way then on a second question about whether or not he'll catch Bin Laden (who doesn't even exist) on US Orders, is more than happy to do so, and render any services US shall require. I would like to seriously contend, that THIS IS HOW A GREAT LEADER SPEAKS ... A man, who cannot stand the TRUTH is not worthy of being called a Leader like the man named Musharraf. He is one coward about whom Israeli Foreign Minister said on record, and I quote .. "Being a Proud and Staunch Jewish, Never in my Life I could even dream I would be praying for the life of a Muslim, but now I do .. for Musharraf" This shows the state of slavery that man has pushed his nation into, no matter how confidently he can answer the journalists, because it doesn't matter. Being able to Answer confidently, when you're not even standing with the truth is no metric to measure LEADERSHIP. A True Leader is one who stands for a CAUSE, not for others' causes .. He is the one who Stands for Truth, because even if you are in the Minority of ONE, Truth.. shall Still be the Truth ...

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