Love of this Lowly world (Dunia) is Your Disease | Brother Khalil Jafar | English

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We were not created for this Dunia, but for the hereafter. If only we could learn to live in this world without letting the world live within us, just as Imam Ali (A) showed us. \\\\\\\"The pain that has inflicted the materialistic societies of the world and western civilization today includes lack of confidence, lack of peace of mind, lack of a spiritual support point, lack of fondness among people, a feeling of loneliness, and fragility. The sensitive groups of the societies which suffer from this pain more are waiting for a hero to come and save them. In places where they are aware of it, Islam is held in esteem.\\\\\\\" (Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei, May 24, 1995) Duration: 09:04 🌍 👤 💬 📱 📷 🎬

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