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\\\"Reach the Peak\\\" as we delve deeply into the beautiful pages of Nahjul Balagha and the wise words of the Commander of the Faithful, the first divinely appointed Imam, Imam Ali ibne Abi Talib (A). In this episode, Sayyid Amir Behbahani speaks to us about how to \\\"Get Rid of Your Weakness\\\". What is the correct definition of \\\'Zuhd\\\'? And what is the definition of Asceticism? Is preventing oneself from the blessings of Allah endowed upon people a staple idea in Islam? And how many times has the word \\\'Zuhd\\\' appeared in the holy Qur\\\'an? How does Imam Ali (A) define and explain \\\'Zuhd\\\'? How is Hikmah number 439 related to this discussion? How does the enemy - whether internal or external - take advantage of our worldly attachments? Finally, how is Imam Khomeini (R) the embodiment of the true definition of \\\'Zuhd\\\' in the words of Imam Ali (A) in the pure Muhammadan Islam? If you ultimately want to \\\"Reach the Peak\\\", you\\\'re going to have to take the first step - wherever you are! #IslamicPulse #ReachthePeak #ImamAli #Rajab #NahjulBalagha #RTP #Islam #Allah #Shia #Muslim #Sunni #AhlulBayt #Imamate #Wilayate #Ali

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