[Clip] Tell me about the future of the world | Agha Ali Reza Panahian 2022 | Farsi Sub English

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What will the future be like? The future is Islam. Follow us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Panahianen/ ... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/PanahianEN/... Twitter: https://twitter.com/PanahianEN Telegram: https://telegram.me/Panahianen/ ============================== We are at the end of one century and the start of a new century based on the Hijri solar calendar. Even if it wasn’t the beginning of a new century the changes in the world show that a long period of history has finished and the state of the world is changing. Maybe we couldn’t have said this eight months ago. We couldn’t have said it last year. But now, with the events that we are witnessing in the world in recent months and in the period that we are in, everyone agrees that we are at a turn in history, an expression used by the dear Leader of the Islamic Revolution. The last century can be called the century of the rise and fall of Western civilization. When I was a teenager, about fifty years ago, people used to say that we are at the end of the world. But this statement was retracted by the world\\\'s most prominent thinkers some time ago. Fukuyama said, “I was wrong when I said the end of history is liberal democracy. We don’t know where the end of history is because liberal democracy hasn’t been successful.” What do you predict for this coming century? What do you suggest for its name? I have a suggestion for the name of this century. The coming century is bringing a civilization that will replace Western civilization. It will be an alternative civilization to Western civilization, according to many thinkers. Of course, they say this quietly and don’t announce it frequently on TV. The alternative civilization will be the \\\"new Islamic civilization.\\\" The future civilization will be a \\\"Mahdavi [Imam Mahdi] civilization.\\\" Why am I saying this? Because no one in the world has any plans for the future! There is no thinker in the world to say that the future will be determined by socialism, or by liberal democracy, or to say the future will be determined by a certain lifestyle. Yes, in terms of technology, they say technology will advance a lot! Yes, it is said that the world’s governments will be saved from dictatorial rulers. Yes, everyone is saying that a new chaos is being created in the world. Everyone says these things. But can the United Nations ensure order in the world? No. The previous century was the century of the rise and fall of Western civilization. The next century is the century of the new Islamic civilization. It has been narrated from Imam Muhammad Baqir (as), “Our government will be the last government. Because after our government has been established, has succeeded and that great civilization ‘has been raised by God above all religions’ [Qur’an 61:9], no one will say, ‘If I had been in charge, I would have done that too.’” According to Imam Baqir (as), when that government is established no one will have anything else to say. A theoretical vacuum will have existed. There is no voice in the universe talking about the future of the world for us to evaluate it to see if it is right or wrong! No one in the world says that in the future everyone will go toward Marxism, or that everyone will go toward a certain religion. Except for us. We are the only ones talking about the future! For forty years, we have been answering in religious forums. We have answered doubts. We have answered false claims. There is no longer a false claim in the world for us to answer! No one even has a claim for the future. Only these minarets and mosques of yours talk about the future. Only you have hope for the future! This is a big celebration itself. And our community must be the one to explain the Mahdavi civilization. Every mosque, gathering, class or book that does not talk about the Mahdavi future of the world, has reduced its own value to nearly zero. Tell me about the future! What will the future be like? #AliRezaPanahian #EndOfTheWorld

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