In Memory of the 9 Martyrs of the MV Mavi Marmara - English

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This video is Dedicated to the victims of the 9 victims of the on the Free Gaza Flotilla Ship MV Mavi Marmara who were attacked by the IDF Navy in International Waters on the 31st May 2010 while en route to Gaza. The Flotilla of Ships were trying to bring aid to the besieged people of Gaza who are desperately in need of food and medicine and other resources due to the Israeli blockade. May we see the end of the to thise injustices for both in Palestine and Justice for the Victims of this attack on the free gaza flotilla which been on of many crimes in this illegal siege so far. WIth the world outraged and continuing to call on there leaders to d more lets hope the 9 who lost there lives fighting for this just cause did not die in vain, May they rest in peace ameen. WIth the many media and other sources in the world, this goes out to the brave reporters and journalists who risk there lives to bring us these stories. Please click this website below:

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