[15 Aug 2012] Afghanistan war ending in US failure - English

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15   Aug   2012   Afghanistan   war   ending   in   US   failure   PTv   Presstv   English   Topic   US   Secretary   of   Defense   Leon   Panetta   has   expressed   concern   over   the   rise   in   the   number   of   attacks   by   Afghan   soldiers   on   US   led   foreign   forces   in   Afghanistan  

[15 Aug 2012] Afghanistan war ending in US failure - English He made the comments one day after an Afghan policeman opened fire on US-led forces in the eastern province of Nangarhar, injuring two soldiers. Last week, seven US-led soldiers were killed over four days when Afghan security forces opened fired on them in another green-on-blue or insider attack, in which Afghans turn their weapons against their foreign allies. According to a NATO count, such attacks have killed a total of 37 US-led foreign soldiers this year, up from 35 deaths in 2011. Press TV has conducted an interview with Conn Hallinan, a columnist for Foreign Policy in Focus, to further discuss the issue.

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