Juz 19 of 30 | Journeying our eyes through the Quran | Sister Fatemah Meghji | English

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The 19th Juz consists of Surat al-Furqan (last 56 verses, The Criterion), Surat al-Shu’ara (227 verses, The poets) and Surat an-Naml (first 55 verses, The Ants) – all Meccan. The first two suras discuss the Quraish’s rejection of the Qur\'an, and their displeasure with the prophet. The root meaning of ‘Furqan’ is to split or fracture, and the Qur\'an is referred to as such because it differentiates/splits between good and evil. It provides the light in the darkness of our confusion, helping us to recognize the truth. Surat al Shu’ara further describes the incredible role the prophet has played in bringing to us this guidance, and how the people have still abandoned it. The Qur\'an is complete in its divinity, its greatness the very proof of truth, and as revealed in the next Surat an-Naml, the Qur\'an is from God, the all-wise, and is the most tangible thing we have from Him. Approaching the nights of Qadr, we should ask ourselves if we truly embrace the Qur\'an as our criterion and pray for the ability to build our relationship with it so we don’t get counted amongst those who abandoned it.

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