The Moral Virtues of Imam Mahdi (A) | Sister Spade | English

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What does verse number 11 in chapter number 13 of the holy Quran have to do with the reappearance of the 12th Imam (A)? And is the correct manifestation of righteousness the mere memorization of certain words or verses and the the robotic automation of certain physical actions; or is there something more? What are the virtues in our hearts manifested in? And what does chapter number 2, verse number 177 of the holy Quran have to do with our discussion? Are the laws of Islam the bare minimum or the maximum limit when it comes to being considered a truly righteous person? According to Imam Ali ibn Musa al-Redha (A), what are some of the signs of the 12th Imam (A)? And finally what must we do after we have acquired the knowledge of \"The Moral Virtues of Imam Mahdi (A)\"? Sister Spade explains and answers these questions and more, based upon selections from the book, The Essence of Creation, 3rd edition. It\'s time to get in sync with the Imam (A) of your time. #IslamicPulse #SisterSpade #Life #Questions #Islam #Allah #Quran #Ahlulbayt #Muslim #Shia #RealityCheck #Mahdi #ImamMahdi #AwaitedOne #Savior

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