In Pursuit Of Truth - Four Iranian Diplomats Kidnapped By Israel - PressTV Documentary - English

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Special Documentary by Press TV's Beirut Bureau and Documentary Team on the four Iranian Diplomats kidnapped by the Lebanese Militia (Phalangist Militian) and who have disappeared since. On the 4th of July 1982, during the occupation of Lebanon by the Israeli Army, four Iranian diplomats namely Sayyed Mohsen Mousavi, Ahmad Motavasselian, Kazem Akhavan and Taghi Rastegar Moqaddam, were arrested in the North of Lebanon by the Lebanese Militia (aka Lebanese Forces, Phalangist Militia) and have since then disappeared without a trace. Iran believes that the Lebanese Militia handed over the four diplomats to the Israeli Army but Israel claims that it was not aware of the kidnapping and they were killed by the Lebanese Militia a while after detention. This documentary follows Sayyed Raaed Mousavi, the son of one of the four kidnapped Iranian diplomats as he strives to obtain some clarity on the fate of his father and the other three Iranian diplomats. This was broadcast on Press TV between December 25 and December 26, 2011.

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