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Pingu is going out on a play-date with Robby. He finds Robby in a bunch of ice sculptures. Pingu and Robby hop on the sledge and ride it together. Pingu also has to push Robby along the way. They find an old ruined igloo and other bits of junk around it, then play a game of hide and seek in and around it, followed by a snowball fight. Pingu tricks Robby by making a bust of himself with some things he finds in the ruin he is hiding and putting it on a stick and waving it outside, so that Robby throws the snowball at that instead of him. While Robby is quizzically investigating the smashed bust, and calling for his friend, Pingu runs and hides in a barrel. He then sneaks up behind Robby and throws a snowball at the ruin Robby is investigating, getting his attention to the barrel Pingu is hiding in (Pingu hides quick enough to avoid being seen). Robby then goes into the ruin, and he looks over to see Pingu (still wearing the barrel as a precaution of sorts) taunting him, then throwing a snowball at him. A chase back towards the igloo ruins then ensues, with Pingu coming out of the barrel due to tripping over a small block of ice. Robby then gets hurt while holding onto the rolling barrel, and Pingu vainly tries to cheer him up with some funny moves and postures, but finally manages with a hoola-hoop. Robby gets a hoola-hoop too and they play that instead.

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