Pork and beef protein in processed Halal chicken in UK - English

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courtesy ISLAMIC0NTENT youtube. This video is specifically about UK but there are chances that this fraud may be going on in other countries too where food is processed and genetically modified widely. -- EAT TRUE HALAL - There is a huge growth in the demand for Halal food. We now need to advance toconcepts like Green Halal and Organic Halal as the real meaning of Halal is much more than slaughtering certain animals in certain ways and avoiding pork products and alcohol. It should mean eating in moderation foods that are grown locally, have minimal impact on carbon emission, and selecting meats that are obtained from "Halal" animals that are fed organically and treated humanely throughout their lives. - More on this, see http://www.ciogc.org/Go.aspx?link=7654949

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