Beautiful Ribbon Bow Gift Tutorial - English

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In this video I show you how to make a beautiful ribbon bow with 2 colours - red and white ribbon. Use this ribbon to decorate a wrapped present or gift, for valentine flowers, birthday presents, baby showers - baby girl - pink and white, baby bow shower- blue and white you can make them for bridal showers and decorate bridal wedding cars, decorations for holidays , for flower wreaths etc ... First make 2 patterns for the size of flower ribbon bow you want then wrap ribbon around them in 2 colours. then form the ribbon bow by pulling and twisting each ribbon loop.then join the 2 ribbon bows together for one Big beautiful gorgeous Ribbon Bow. All instructions are explained in full details - you cant miss this tutorial - its a real WOW to get even a small gift with a big ribbon bow attached to it . IT REALLY MAKES THE DIFFERENCE!! YOU WILL LOVE IT !!

Added by sjaa on 26-02-2014
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