Al-Baqi & The Betrayers of the Two Holy Mosques | IP Talk Show | English

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Who are the Ale-Saud family? Who brought the Ale-Saud family into power? Why were the graves in Jannatul Baqi desecrated and destroyed? What were the relations between Sunnis and Shias before the bringing into power of the Ale-Saud by the British Empire? What are the stances of the honorable Maraje\\\\\\\' regarding Sunni and Shia relations? Is the Takfiri mindset a part of mainstream Sunni Islam? What role has the Ale-Saud family had in spreading sectarianism across the Muslim World? What has the Saudi regime done for the cause and goal of Muslim Unity? Why do some individuals and groups push and promote the sectarian narrative? Where does the Saudi regime stand when it comes to the critical issues of the Islamic World? What has the Saudi regime done when it comes to the issue of Palestine and in support of the Palestinian people? And what role does the Saudi regime have when it comes to the murder of innocent Yemenis? Finally, why is the Saudi regime and the Ale-Saud family considered to be \\\\\\\"The Betrayers of the Two Holy Mosques\\\\\\\". In order to answer these questions and more, we invited Shaykh Ali Qomi from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to speak to us about \\\\\\\"Al-Baqi & The Betrayers of the Two Holy Mosques\\\\\\\". Our condolences to the Muslims all across the world, upon the desecration and demolition of one of Islam\\\\\\\'s oldest religious, cultural, and historical heritage sites by the name of Jannatul Baqi. #IslamicPulse #IPTalkShow #Jannatul_Baqi #Baqi #Palestine #Yemen #QudsDay #Zionism #israel #Oppressor #Takfir #British_Shia #British #Daesh #Isis #UAE #MBS #SaudiArabia #Arabia #Mecca #Medina #Islam #Resistance #AhlulBayt #Truth #Justice #Freedom #Oppression

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