Simple Sleeve design cutting and stitching- All Languages

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#sewingproject #Latestsleeve #TerkibainStitch Simple Sleeve design cutting and stitching Hello! I hope you all are doing well. This week I am sharing simple sleeve designs. They\\\\\\\'re very comfortable and easy to wear. You can make them for your casual tops or even renew your Abaya\\\\\\\'s sleeves with these designs. You can also make a small version for your little angels by using the same technique. I hope it will help all my sisters who are looking for simple stitching tutorials. If you have any questions regarding this video....feel free to ask in comment section below, inshallah I\\\\\\\'ll help you out You can also watch Niqab cutting and stitching DIY elastic bed sheet Round Tray cover How to stitch a Prayer Hijab How to stitch a quran cover How to stitch prayer hijab from dupatta How to attach border on dupatta How to cut a simple Kameez How to cut trouser pant for girls How to SEW a Medical FACE MASK follow me: facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: instagram Please like, share and subscribe for more!👍 If You Have Any Questions Or Requests Then Comment Below. Music:

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