Build A Relationship with Imam al-Mahdi (A) | Sister Spade | English

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So in the previous Sister Spade episode, we got leveled up by going from simply knowing OF the Imam of our time, to REALLY knowing the Imam of our time. This time around, we\\\'re going to level you up again, and take you from simply REALLY knowing the Imam of our time, to building a RELATIONSHIP with the Imam of our time. Sister Spade explains and helps us along the path to building a lasting relationship with the Imam of our time, because it isn\\\'t enough to just know of the Imam, or just knowing the Imam; because we have to build a real relationship with the Imam. #SisterSpade #IslamicPulse #Life #Questions #Islam #Quran #Ahlulbayt #RealityCheck #Mahdi #ImamMahdi #Saviour #TheAwaitedOne #Imam_Mahdi

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