10 Unforgivable Misconceptions about PALESTINE | BISKIT | English

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Funny, light-hearted and informative - the BISKIT Guy highlights 10 key fallacies about Palestine. Remember, Imam Khamenei has said, \"The most important issue of the world of Islam in the present time is the issue of Palestine.” WOAH! … And it will soon become apparent why. If you think the Palestine/israel conflict has got nothing to do with you - think again! Is israel a country? Is the two-state solution a solution? Does the Quran say that all Jews are evil? Let’s get a few things straight. No beating around the bush; just straight up - here’s the truth. #InternationalQudsDay is on the last Friday of the Month of Ramadhan. This year, you might not be able to attend physically - but that doesn’t mean you don’t still have the opportunity to play your role in the liberation of Palestine. The enemies want you to feel helpless, but the BISKIT guy is here with a reminder for you: you can make a difference wherever you are. #OneUmmah #OneHumanity #AlQudsDay2020 #FlyTheFlag #Covid1948

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