Dhul Qarnayn : The Ultimate Journey - Part 2 | French sub English

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Dhul   Qarnayn   The   Ultimate   Journey   French   sub   English  

So that we may be of those who succeed. For these people, my brothers, my sisters, if we reach that level, for these people, It is the assured victory. There is no account for these people. There will be no \"Hisab\" for those people, because they have reached the highest level, because they are the representatives of God. That\'s it, there\'s no more thinking to do. We are at the highest level and it is at this level there that God invites you and that God invites me with you. And in this story of the end of time, my brothers and sisters, because \"Dhul Qarnayn\", \"Al Moukhlacin\", that is, the people who have rid of all idolatry, and who are a particular group, which God has defined as those over whom \"Iblis\" has no power, and that \"Iblis\" himself said: \"I can do nothing with them, I have no power over them. These are the people we are talking about. That\'s why \"Iblis\" wants us to make a choice at all costs, and he suggests us through Gog and Magog, television, communication. You must be for it, you have to be against it and he makes you make a decision and he makes you make a choice. And when you make a choice, you\'re in the hands of \"Ibliss\" the cursed. And you are at his mercy. https://www.timetowitness.com/dhul-qarnayn-the-ultimate-journey-part-2/ 📺 Check out our Playlists Science & Technology : https://link.timetowitness.com/play/science Eschatology : https://link.timetowitness.com/play/eschatology Spirituality: https://link.timetowitness.com/play/spirituality Neom Project: https://link.timetowitness.com/play/neom 🔴 Don\'t forget to 🔴 🔵 Join our Telegram channel : https://link.timetowitness.com/telegram ✅ Subscribe to our channel : https://link.timetowitness.com/youtube/subscribe 📩 Subscribe to our newsletter : https://link.timetowitness.com/email/subscribe 🔴 Follow us on 🔴 🌐 Our Blog : https://www.timetowitness.com/ 📢 Facebook : https://link.timetowitness.com/facebook 📢 Twitter : https://link.timetowitness.com/twitter 📢 Pinterest : https://link.timetowitness.com/pinterest 📢 Reddit : https://link.timetowitness.com/reddit 📢 Instagram : https://link.timetowitness.com/instagram PLEASE NOTE: Any of the views expressed by the speakers do not necessarily represent the views of Time2Witness or any other projects it may have or intend to do. Time2Witness and it\'s affiliates do not advocate nor condone any unlawful activity towards any individual or community.

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