[32] Its All There - همه چیز آنجاست - English

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ifilm   همه   چیز   آنجاست   Behnaz   Jafari   Elham   Hamidi   Sam   Derakhshani   سام   درخشانی   Asha   Mehrabi   Amin   Zendegani   Movie   Drama   English   Dubbed   Excellent   dubbing   translation   irani   iran   iranian   dramamovie   series   iflim   channel   IR  

Mohsen Qadimi owns a production company which is in danger of being closed due to importing goods from foreign countries. His older son, Mehdi, trying to solve the issues, gets informed about some secrets behind his family. The series goes on with the Qadimi family and their relationship with some other families.

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Runtime: 44m 5s
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