Fiery RESPONSE to TAKFIRI WAHHABIS spreading lies about Shias and Iran | BackFire | English

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A heated response to the baseless propaganda spread by Takfiri-Wahhabis against Shia Islam and Iran. This video will debunk some of the major claims made by the Takfiri-Wahhabis, expose their plots to defame the Shia School of Thought and explore the effectiveness and reality behind such hate-filled groups. The internet is full of hate-filled videos depicting Shias and Shia Islam as a corrupt, polytheistic, abusive and deviant ’sect’ of Islam. Such videos have successfully caused Takfiri-Wahhabis who spread hatred, doubts and confusions about Shias and the Shia School of Thought, do so in the name of Sunni Islam, but the reality is, these Takfiri-Wahhabis are not Sunni. Islamic Pulse, Iran and our great scholars - namely Imam Khomeini, Imam Khamenei, Ayatollah Sistani, Agha Bahjat and others - are constantly being targeted by these Takfiri-Wahhabi groups. What is the goal of these propagandists? Why are they so keen at getting Muslims disunited? Why do they constantly lie, misrepresent, and misguide the dignified Muslim Ummah? Why are they so adamant at highlighting the differences between Shia and Sunni instead of magnifying the commonalities? #ImamKhomeini #ImamKhamenei #QudsDay #InternationalQudsDay #FreePalestine #BritishShiaism #SunniIslam #ShiaIslam #SunniShia #UnitedMuslims #ISIS #DAESH #AbuBakrBaghdadi #BokoHaram #Taliban #NotMuslim #NotInMyName #Iran #IslamicRepublic #Hezbollah #IRGC

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