Juz 20 of 30 | Journeying our eyes through the Quran | Sister Fatemah Meghji | English

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The 20th Juz consists of Surat an-Naml (last 37 verses, The Ant), Surat al-Qasas (88 verses, The Stories) and Surat al-Ankabut (first 45 verses The Spider). The discussion in these suras explore the barriers/veils that prevent one from allowing the Quranic guidance to permeate their hearts. God clearly states that only those who believe in God’s signs, are open-hearted and have submitted, even partially, to the truth will be able to perceive the guidance offered by the Quran. Those who insist on rejecting the truth, and are arrogant, will be like the ‘deaf or dead who can’t hear’ because they lack intellectual humility and intentionally don’t want to listen to the message of God. Suratul Qasas relates the story of Prophet Musa, and includes the story of Qarun, who despite his knowledge and wealth, lacked humility, believing he ‘deserved’ God’s blessings. Pharoah and Haman are also mentioned in the same vein, and their arrogance led them to punishment and destruction. The reference to the spider’s web, giving Sura Ankabut its name, describes how such people’s base is like the frailest of homes, that of a spider, while the hold of God is the strongest. The Juz ends with God’s promise that those who strive in God’s way, will attain guidance.

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