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Who was Maytham al-Tammar? In this episode of Unsung Heroes, Sayyid Haydar Jamaludeen speaks about \\\"Maytham al-Tammar\\\". Yet, who was Maytham al-Tammar, how did he live his life, and what was his biographical background? Where was Maytham al-Tammar originally from and what was his original name? How did Maytham al-Tammar acquire the name \\\'Saleem\\\'? And what is the English equivalent of the Arabic word \\\'Tammar\\\'? What is the story behind Maytham al-Tammar\\\'s acceptance of Islam? What is the story of when for the first time Maytham al-Tammar met Imam Ali (A)? Who were the \\\'Shurtatul Khamis\\\' and was Maytham al-Tammar one of them? What did Maytham al-Tammar say when Imam Ali (A) asked him whether he would repudiate Imam Ali (A) at the orders of Ubaydullah ibn Ziyad? What did Maytham al-Tammar do with the tree that Imam Ali (A) said Maytham would be hung upon? Who threw Maytham al-Tammar into prison, who did Maytham meet in the prison, and what did he say to him? What did Maytham al-Tammar do as he was suffering and intense pain while he was hanging on the tree that eventually led to his martyrdom? And finally, how did Maytham al-Tammar attain the lofty status of martyrdom? Find out this and more in this episode about one of the most loyal, devout, and faithful companions of Imam Ali (A), Imam Hasan (A), and Imam Husayn (A), \\\"Maytham al-Tammar\\\", as Sayyid Haydar Jamaludeen goes through some of the beautiful, honorable, and yet largely overlooked \\\"Unsung Heroes\\\" of Islam. #IslamicPulse #UnsungHeroes #Islam #Allah #Quran #AhulBayt #Muslim #Martyrdom #Shahadat #History #Martyr #Shaheed #Honor #Valor #Sacrifice #Chivalry #Courage #Matham #Tammar #MaythamTammar #Prophet #ImamAli #ImamHasan #ImamHusayn

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