A Special Mindset for the Nights of Power (Laylatul Qadr) Agha Ali Raza Panahiyan Farsi sub English

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A   Special   Mindset   for   the   Nights   of   Power   (Laylatul   Qadr)   #AlirezaPanahian,#God,#nightofPower,#Qadr,#countonyourself,#relyonGod,#proud,#criminal,#GodsGrace  

A Special Mindset for the Nights of Power (Laylatul Qadr) Why don’t we take full advantage of God’s Kindness? We are prevented from benefiting from God’s Mercy because we count on ourselves. This barrier is arrogance, being conceited about our possessions and achievements. We never talk to God as if we are a criminal, cutthroat, villain. No, we talk to God as if we are honorable people, “God, as You are aware, I’m obviously one of Your good servants. And I haven’t had a fault thus far. But, I decided to turn to You tonight to say if You want to grant me more blessings, sure, I agree! Yes, I have some faults. It is possible I haven’t done as much as I should.” This person is the epitome of arrogance. This person is not able to benefit from God’s Mercy. During the Nights of Power (Qadr) I like to go amongst the crowd of worshippers and see who has come for the first time, a person who has a history of serious wrongdoing! And, he is too embarrassed to talk. People ask him, “Sir, would you like a Qur’an?” When he wants to take the Qur’an, he thinks, “I’m too embarrassed to touch it. I have nothing, absolutely nothing to say.” If I find such a person during the Nights of Power, I’ll go and stand behind him. I’ll say, “God, whatever you grant him, grant to me too.” He doesn’t have a trace of arrogance. He has no pretentiousness at all. Others go back home happily. But, this person is still standing. Towards the end, he will say, “God, did You look at me too?” This kind of person will make use of God’s Mercy that night. Benefiting from God’s Mercy is very hard. Why? Because we count on ourselves. Don’t count on yourself. Are you able to go to a gathering of worshippers to repent like that criminal? You won’t go. You’d say, “It’s impossible. Is it possible?! Thank God, I’m not that bad either.” We are even proud of our deeds, which we haven’t done! At least he has done some good deeds. We tell ourselves, “We still have time until the end of the Month of Ramadan.” “Till the end of the month?! But, you haven’t done anything yet!” “I’ll do something. Don’t worry!” We are prevented from benefiting from God’s Mercy because we count on ourselves. What should we do to stop counting on ourselves? The supplications narrated from the Household of the Prophet (‘a) are excellent opportunities. A supplication says, “God, even if I had done a good deed, I shouldn’t have relied on it. I should have relied on Your Grace. And now, I haven’t even done that good deed. So, I must only rely on Your Grace. What should I do if You don’t look at me?”

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