I Respond With My Dying Breath | Haj Mahmoud Karimi | Farsi Sub English

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Salutations upon Husayn, Ali ibn Husayn, the children of Husayn, and the companions of Husayn. The days and nights of the first ten days of Muharram fly by like the quickly falling sand in an hourglass. Yet, the epic that is Karbala and the stance of Imam Husayn (A), and the bravery of his companions will be forever etched in the sands of time. This is a beautiful poetic recitation by Haj Mahmoud Karimi from the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the last moments of the Master of Martyrs, Imam Husayn (A) and his esteemed and honorable sister, lady Zaynab bint Ali (A). How can I answer your questions, O\' lady Zaynab, perhaps I will be able to respond with my dying breath.

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