Munajat Shabaniyyah - Arabic with English Subtitles (HD)

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Dua   Munajat   Shabaniyyah   Whispered   Prayer   Ameerul   Momineen   Ali   Ahlul   Bayt   (as)   Imam   Sajjad   Shaban   Supplications   Arabic   with   English   Subtitles   (HD)  

Munajat e Sha’baniyya is the whispered Prayer of Ameerul Momineen Ali ibn Abu Talib (as) which he would recite in the month of Sha’ban as a preparation to the blessed and sacred month of Ramadhan. This supplication was narrated by Ibn Khalawayh and is mentioned by Abbas Qummi in Mafatih al-Jinan and Sayyed Ibn Tawus in Iqbal al-A’mal. In the supplication, Imam Ali (as) emphasizes Allah\'s generosity and addresses Allah swt as creator and infinite. Imam Ali (as) advised that the Du\'a be recited with presence of heart. All Imams (as) after Imam Ali (as) recited this Munajat, and Imam Sajjad (as) invoked it every day in the month of Sha\'ban at sunset and also in the night of 15th Sha\'ban, the night of the birth of Imam Mahdi (atfs).

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