The Divine Ummah & 43 Years of Resistance! | Dr. Hasan Abbasi | Farsi Sub English

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O\\\' Allah, while Your earth keeps getting filled with filth and disobedience, an Ummah is being built ONLY for You. The making of the Ummah You desired is in process. O\\\'Allah, this Ummah, this nation, has none other than You. This Ummah does not rely on anyone other than You. This Ummah is ready to face all pressures for You and Your Deen. 43 Years of non-stop and tireless resistance against the arrogant powers are completing. Alhamdolillah. O\\\' Allah, this Ummah has submitted to and obeyed the deputy of your Hujjah. O Allah, have mercy on this Ummah and please don\\\'t delay the advent and reappearance of your Hujjah - Imam Al-Mahdi (ATFS). Dr. Hasan Abbasi, an Iranian strategist and scholar pours his heart out. #MustWatch #IslamicRevolution #IslamicUmmah #Wilayah

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