[II] Never Lose Hope - Sheikh Azhar Nasser - English

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Never   Lose   Hope   -   Sheikh   Azhar   Nasser  

- One of the worst sins is to lose hope in God\'s mercy - God\'s mercy has not limit no matter how far astray we go - The path way to God is more numerous then every single breath of the whole mankind - Tawheed is not just an idea its a way of life - The limited (creations) can never understand the unlimited (God) - The prayer of the night washes the bad deeds of the day - God says \"regret for doing something bad is better than some one doing tasbih and glorifying me\" - Salawat is very powerful because it demolishes sins - Prolonging sajda brings you closer to God as does being in a state of wuduh - Imam says \"good character melts sins like the sun melts the ice\" - Islam was built on aqlaq - If you visit a sick person Allah sends 70,000 angels to make dua for you until you reach your home - When you do salaam to the Prophet he will send his duas upon you MP3: https://f001.backblazeb2.com/file/Jaffari/Fatemiyyah/1439/2_Fatimiyyah_SheikhAzharNasser_2018-02-16_21-34-37.mp3 Fatimiyyah Recited By: Sheikh Azhar Nasser Date: February 16, 2018

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