Be the Mustafa of Your Time | Shaykh Shafiq Huda | English

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The light of Allah is always shining bright upon the earth, in every era, since the time of Prophet Adam. Throughout the ages, the names of these divinely created lights have changed, from Noah to Abraham, from Jacob to Joseph, from Moses to Jesus, and from Mohammad to Ali. This light of Allah then continued on through the divinely appointed Imams, until now it is the 12th Imam, who is awaiting, planning, strategizing, and acting towards his divine reappearance. Yet, what is our individual and collective responsibility in this era that is the occultation of the 12th divinely appointed Imam? What must we do and how must we act? What is the significance of the pebbles that we pick up in Muzdalefa while we are undertaking the Hajj? What tools should we use to fight the Shayateen and the oppressors of our time? Finally, what fundamental role does the media front play in all this? Esteemed scholar Shaykh Shafiq Huda explains and answers with passion and deep insight. Be the Mustafa of Your Time! #ScholarClips #IslamicPulse #Allah #Islam #Resistance #Islamic_Revolution #Quran #AhlulBayt #Mustafa #Muhammad #Ali #Jesus #Moses #Abraham #God #Ethics #Tyrants #Oppressor #Shayateen #Satan

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