Al-Quds Is Undoubtedly The Capital of Palestine | Leader of the Muslim Ummah | Farsi Sub English

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While some weak-minded people may think that the Zionist regime is there to stay as it is \'already too late\'; Imam Khamenei refutes this baseless idea that the resistance has not produced results. Watch the clip to know how. Al-Quds remains to be the capital of Palestine despite the cheap and childish moves of the imperialists and the zionists. The media may continue to constantly repeat lies, the world knows that Al-Quds remains the capital of Palestine. As per the future of the illegal and illegitimate zionist regime, know that it is to go very soon! Insha\'Allah. #LongLivePalestine #DeathToisrael #FlyTheFlag #AlQudsDay2020

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