I'm Choosing A Best Friend! | One Minute Wisdom | English

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Ever thought about choosing a best friend? Ever wondered what are the ideal qualities in a best friend? Height, weight, age, ethnic background, hair color, common favorites, similar likes and dislikes, etc. But what does the Messenger of Allah, the holy Prophet Muhammad (S) tell us about what kind of friend we should choose as his eminence (S) quotes the words of Prophet Jesus (A)? Well, in this One Minute Wisdom, Sayyid Shahryar uses the wise words of the holy Prophet Muhammad (S) to shed a little light on what qualities our best friend must have. And Hey, Choose Your Best Friend Carefully, Because No One Wants To Be Friends With A Bad Apple! #IslamicPulse #OneMinuteWisdom #OMW #Akhlaq #Ethics #Morality #Islam #Quran #AhlulBayt #Muslim #Shia #Friends #Friendship #BestFriend #Jesus #Christ #Isa #Prophet #Muhammad

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