The Justified Yemeni Retaliation | Sayyid Hashim al-Haidari | Arabic Sub English

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For over 5 years now, the oppressed nation of Yemen is being bombarded by the evil Saudi regime. The dignified people of Yemen do not wish to bow down in front of the Saudi regime and its master - America. Hence they are being punished with bombs, trade embargoes and famine. Saudi is a war criminal and so is America. The Yemeni kids are deprived of milk, food, and basic necessities. Millions are subjected to cruelty at the hands of the Saudi regime. All the while, the whole world governments turn a blind eye to these crimes against humanity. There is no one to stop the evil Saudi regime and its master - the great satan America - from their non-stop oppression against the Yemeni nation. The flag bearers of human rights have gone deaf and blind. Let\\\\\\\'s not talk about the mainstream media. This is a shameful state of affairs! This is flat out hypocrisy of organizations such as the UN! This is a sick world we live in! Under the given circumstances, do the Yemenis have any other choice but to retaliate against the evil Saudi regime? Should the world be surprised and shocked if this oppressed nation turns around and attacks Saudi Arabia? Any sane and justice seeker person would say that it is the right of the Yemenis to resist against non-stop and unjustified Saudi aggression. The right to self defense is a natural and inevitable right of Yemenis too. #LongLiveResistance #DeathToSaudiRegime

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