[Friday Sermon] White Supremacy in America; Internal Muslim Racism | Maulana Syed Muhammad Rizvi | English

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- Measuring a society by how they treat their most vulnerable populations - Referencing Imam Ali\'s letter to Malik e Ashtar on this issue - The contrast of the United States and their slow progress on this matter despite being a super power - 10 black Americans were killed by an 18 year old white gunman fuelled by racist extremism - This is the latest in a long line of mass racial killings in the US - The age-old excuses blaming mental health issues exclusively, or a \'bad apple\', etc. - Meanwhile the whole Muslim community is expected to apologize for every individuals crimes - White supremacy is a reality, and this mentality is fermented by family, friends, and other social networks, especially cable news and social media. - Racism is also an issue in the Muslim world - Even Muslims in the West, despite being a minority, discriminate against other Muslims - The Prophet\'s Sermon, and the example of Hajj, related to this issue - Quoting Malcolm X\'s experience on hajj Friday Juma Khutba May 20th, 2022

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