Learn Cool Flash ActionScript 3.0 Transition Effects - Animations For CS3 + CS4 - English

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Free Flash Source File - http://www.developphp.com/Flash_tutorials/show_tutorial.php?tid=163 In this Flash ActionScript 3.0 tutorial and source file download you can learn how to master the many transition effects that Flash AS3 has to offer. Whether you work in Flash CS3 or CS4 you can apply these effects to static, or dynamically loaded elements. At any time in your scripting these transition effects can be applied. Use them on buttons, images, background elements, movieclips, video, and more. Some of the flash transition classes we are putting to use here are: Zoom, Fade, Blinds, Rotate, Photo, Iris, and fly. You can combine transition effects by pressing two buttons to see the effect. The free Flash AS3 source file and script we supply you with will show you everything you need to know about applying these effects to any instance on your stage or in your code.

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