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What is the background of the mother of Abbas ibne Ali (A)? What were some of the qualities of Abbas ibne Ali (A)? What did the mother of Abbas ibne Ali (A), lady Ummul Baneen, request Imam Ali (A)? How did the mother of Abbas ibne Ali (A) react upon the news of her sons\\\' martyrdom in Karbala? And what is the role of a mother in upbringing and training proper children? Finally, where is the sanctuary of the Ahlul Bayt (A) in the present-day? To discuss these questions and more, we invited Sayyid Amir Behbahani from Canada, to speak with us on the auspicious occasion of the Wiladah of Hazrat Abbas ibne Ali (A). Congratulations to the believers across the world on this great Eid, the blessed birth anniversary of Hazrat Abbas ibne Ali (A); the king of loyalty. #IslamicPulse #IPTalkShow #Allah #Islam #Wiladah #Birth #Abbas #4Shaban #Loyalty #Bravery #Subservience

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