Juz 15 of 30 | Journeying our eyes through the Quran | Sister Fatemah Meghji | English

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The 15th Juz consists of Surat al-Isra (111 verses, The Night Journey) and Surat al-Kahf (First 74 verses, The Cave), both Meccan. The concepts of Rizq, sustenance and Dua, supplication, are discussed here. Man is created hasty and we often ask for things that may be detrimental to us. We quickly get dejected and disappointed in Him, but need to remember that God is the one who gives, and withholds, and that He does this in perfect measure, with full awareness and of our needs and betterment. This teaches us to have complete faith and reliance in Him, and to recognize that He is the one in complete control. God also reminds us of our fragility, and complete dependency on Him. He points out our tendency to turn to Him only in distress, when in fact we should be turning to Him constantly, with hope and gratitude. And only then will we realize that the true power of supplication is not in gaining our wants, but in realizing our deepest desire which is proximity to God.

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