[2015] Nasheed by Br. Mohsen on the 26th Anniversary of Imam Khomeini in Toronto - English

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26th   Anniversary   of   Imam   Khomeini   in   Toronto   Ruhollah   Khomeini   (Religious   Leader)   Nasheed   by   Br.   Mesum   Islamic   Society   of   York   Region   Muslims   community   of   GTA   Islamic   revolution   of   Iran   global   injustice   women   literacy   scientific   growth   in   Iran   Reza   Shah   Pehalavi   barbaric   forces   of   Savak   Imam   Khomeini   Imam   Khameini   Islam   (Religion)   Canada  

Hundreds of Canadians gathered together at the Islamic Society of York Region to honour the great leader who overthrew a dictator and brought about a revolution with the help of the majority of the Iranian nation. Speaking at the conference, world renowned speakers, praised Imam Khomeini\\\'s awakening of the masses against global injustice. Prior to the revolution, the multi-national corporations were exploiting the natural resources of Iran with the help of a very small and corrupt group of traitors. Any protest against the dictator, Reza Shah Pehalavi, was brutally suppressed by the barbaric forces of Savak, which committed atrocious crimes against the population. After the revolution, Iran has progressed by every measure, including women literacy, scientific growth and division of wealth. For the crime of liberating his country and insisting on Iranian resources to be used for the welfare of the Iranian population, Imam Khomeini bore the wrath of the multi-national corporations, the western media and the selected group of Iranians who were accomplices in the criminal exploitation of the resources and had to run away from the country after the revolution. Speakers at the conference also spoke about how Imam Khomeini inspired the oppressed masses around the world that started a global movement for dignity and self-determination.

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