Imam Mahdi (A) & Ayatollah Khamenei | 10 Incredible Facts | 15 SHABAN SPECIAL | English

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[Watch until the end for sneak peak into IP office!] Is Imam Mahdi coming for Sunnis or Shias? Should any uprising before the Reappearance be stopped? Is the Reappearance of Imam Mahdi close? It’s the birthday of Imam Mahdi (A) and the day that Islamic Pulse was founded. A big THANK YOU to our generous donors! We’re celebrating by giving you an inside look into the Islamic Pulse Studio and showing some of the most fascinating facts about the Saviour of the human race - Imam Mahdi (A)! #15Shaban #ImamMahdi #TheMahdi #Saviour #Savior #Iran #IslamicRepublic #Islam #Sunni #Shia #Buddhism #Christianity #Hinduism #Judaism #Zoroastrianism #Islam #Facebook #YouTube #Censorship

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