Moving Towards Palestine | Shaheed Dr. Mustafa Chamran | Farsi Sub English

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This is a beautiful and inspiring clip of Shaheed Dr. Chamran talking about the liberation of Palestine. Shaheed Chamran was publicly proclaimed by Ayatollah Khomenei as a \\\"proud commander of Islam\\\". He is known as a symbol of an ideological and revolutionary Muslim who left his academic career and prestigious positions as a scientist and professor in the United States of America, University of California, Berkeley and migrated in order to help the Islamic resistance movements in Palestine, Lebanon, and Egypt as a chief revolutionary guerilla commander, as well as being active in the Islamic Revolution of Iran\\\'s defense against the foreigner imposed 8-year Sacred Defense against Saddam Hussein. Regarding his prestigious positions, Shaheed Chamran writes in his book \\\"Self-Construction and Development\\\" that he had been hired as a research staff scientist at Bell Laboratories and NASA\\\'s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the 1960s. He left this materialistic world, despite its superficial glamour and comforts, in order to attain the spiritual hereafter; the eternal abode. If you only open the eyes of your heart and soul, will you see the realities of this world. Shaheed Dr. Mustafa Chamran was blessed with and attained martyrdom on the 21st of June 1981.

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