Are Schools Sexualising Children? IPPF Exposed | The Makinations 2 | English

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Are Schools Sexualising Children? IPPF Exposed | The Makinations 2 The IPPF is a global NGO with hegemonic aims of spreading its sexual ideologies and imposing such ideologies on youth. Contemporary Sex Education is not merely there to teach children about the science behind sex- it is not merely teaching them about the birds and the bees- rather, the agenda is to warp the gender and sexual norms of society and to indoctrinate children as young as 5 with sexual content that will damage their psychological health as well as potentially ruin their physical health as well. The agenda is pushing to activate young minds to the adult world of sex and sexuality and parents are recognising globally that their children are being manipulated to not only accept, but also to become part of the sexual agenda we see unravelling all around us. The LGBT movement was only the beginning of something far more sinister. #StopRSE #Makinations #IPPF #ProChoice #ProLife #DragQueen

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